Monday, 26 January 2015


Just thought I’d let you know, why you’re my reasons to smile
The beauty that surrounds you all
Everything that you do, the ideas that you share and the kind of love you’ve always shown
You’ve shown and made me believe there’s more to life
That’s why I’d allow people to advise me but not decide for me.
I like my style and to be myself instead of what others want me to be

Just thought I’d let you know, how every time I sit o’ talk to you
No matter my situation or relation
I still find the same joy, love and assurance from when I first met you

Just thought I’d let you know, that you're the “bestest” friend one could ever wish for
You’ve given me all the reasons in the world to keep a smiling face
That’s why I’d rather have good and bad times with you
Than with someone else hates and despises me

Just thought I’d let you know, that even as you’re a million miles away from me
I will, till the end of time keep you safe in my heart and memories
And you will always, always and forever be ...

My reasons to smile

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