Saturday, 19 January 2013


Good life depends on what you do, how you do it and where you do it. life is a gift from God and not a guarantee that we must have it. We have no extra chances of living, once it's gone, it's gone. So once we get the opportunity of living, let us all live our lives to our fullest potential for we know not whether tomorrow will come neither are we assured of it.

Life cannot be circumvented on a raft of levity, reversed nor joked around with for it is as precious as gold or diamond.Let us all count every opportunity we get to continue staying in this world as a blessing from above.
Life is not a bed of roses or full of enjoyment, but life's indeed a mixture of challenges, discouragements, hardships, ups and downs. All those who lead good, wonderful and comfortable lives is not by chance, charms or witchcraft ism but it is indeed because of their hard work and determination to have it what it looks like and we who are envious of them and wishing to lead a life like theirs, should stop because it is a waste of time and energy and should instead do better to order our priorities and work to see them realized, and as William Shakes Pears puts it, Action is eloquence.

It matters not a jot how many times we do the wishing because the answer to that is sweet nothing. Action is what is needed amongst us, nothing more, nothing less for the time for wishing is long gone as the results of our actions will provide all the eloquence we need. Life cares not whether you're beautiful, handsome or knows how to brag and as William Shakes Pears adds to it, virtue and genuine graces in themselves speak what no word can utter.

Yes! Life does not need silver tongue devil, it needs people with brains, those who know and understand their situations and how to put together their priorities in order to solve them.
Life needs people who have no need to brag, no need to deploy spinmeiters or wordsmiths. Genuine virtue speaks for itself and speaks louder than any speech, advertisement, manifesto or strategic plans.

Life is like a game of tennis, football or chess where at one time we might have a bad start but later end up with a good finish or vise-versa. Life may at one point decide to be tough, but as the say goes, ''when the going gets tough, the tough get going,'' well! William Shakes Pears spices it up, Brevity is the soul of wit.
Life does not need the weak, but the tough and strong both in mind and spirit. That is why we ought to understand that if we want to get somewhere, we should know how to get there and never, ever give up.

I would actually beg to differ with the person who once said, ''it's you for yourself and God for us all'', it might be true in some situations but it does not really apply in all cases. We need friends, not just friends but those you can lean on, those who are able to build you but not destroy you, those who can lift you up but not pull you down, those who can remove you from a hole but not push you deeper or leave you there. We need our neighbours, people we can lean on, those we can at one point count on, people who truly advocate for peace, love and unity amongst themselves and others and with that, neighbours will surely become good friends.

Life may decide to be brutal, cruel or tragic but it does not need those who regret or try winning about them. We should instead try finding ways of solving them. The only shortcut is, by leaning on God who will turn all our challenges into tools that He will use to strengthen our faith in Him, what will follow is that He will give us the love and wisdom we need to live for His purpose. He will then use us to change the world around us. Yes, God loves us and He wishes we love Him too then life will actually start having a meaning and a purpose to us.

I think it's about time we all wake up and open our eyes and know the main purpose why we are living. Let us stop being ignorant and arrogant about our situations and instead rise up and make a better future for ourselves and our future generations to come and thanks to the great bard, William Shakes Pears who once said,'' i wasted time and now doth time waste me''. We've actually wasted time if not all of us, then some of us, wishing, cursing, regretting and winning about hoping that we might one day be lucky to lead a good life, but as we know, luck is a fools excuse that stands between the self and its best destiny and all things of value are by design. We should therefore try to make hay when the sun is still at its best and know that sky is the limit and good things comes to those who wait.

Life is what we make it, so whatever we choose to do, let us all do it to our fullest ability. We should therefore understand that in life there is a price which we must be willing to pay.