Wednesday, 5 November 2014


There is always a sole ease that comes about in the name of a new month that is often overlooked. Trust me, it isn’t resolutions, so let’s just put that aside for now. Resolutions are for that one man who understands not the self-disgust and disappointments of breaking each and every one of them possibly after celebrating Valentine’s Day or wedding anniversary or better yet a birthday. You and I both know the essence of resolutions is as good as eroded with the mere mention of it. But one thing you need to understand about a new month is heavily bounded in the starting point we each have: what we did bypassed the previous month, is as good as hell our starting point this November.

One thing I see myself not doing is telling you how to live your life, coz heaven for once will never wait a night or two till you realize you need to stop existing and start living, but as an old monk once quipped, we need to strive to be a better version of our previous selves. And that’s the reason a new month guide is a plus to anyone who cares to get one. Build yourself up a new with your previous self in mind, ranging from the boardroom to the bedroom, to you and nutrition, your income and image.

It doesn’t count whether or not you’ve rubbed shoulders with your boss, friends and family, but one thing for sure, standing out in today’s crowded and competitive market place is essential. It’s so funning how we constantly compete for cheap attention while the only thing that can make you and I stand out are same things our competitors find impossible to duplicate: your personality.

Trust me, Your personal brand is the influence and attention you command in the image you portray, how you look and present yourself, how you talk and relate to those around you. Just like the ingredients of the vast food, make-up and drinks you take, are what makes you unique and valuable. They are what you want people to think of you. And just like the best products in our market, all of us should develop a personal brand to engage our target audience and build brand loyalty.

Time to become the Director of our image and life; time to create a personal brand that radiates influence, confidence, credibility and persuasive power, forget what haters and lovers think of your and start directing their thoughts of you. Communicate this new “YOU” brand in how you write, email, through your business etiquette, networking savvy, public speaking and interviewing skills.

Just as “yours truly” best brands are market consistent, so should your personal brand. Be consistent in the way you carry yourself at all times, from you language to your behavior, to the way you eat. Trust me; you can’t possibly kid yourself that you can have the best etiquette and image at work between eight and five only to loosen your tongue in a cheap pub in the evening. Remember, your brand is always on show even when you think you are not being watched.

Opportunities knock but only once, and so is November 2014. So literary package yourself from the clothes you wear as they visually and silently influence your audience, use the psychology of color to enhance what you say and wear clothes that will greatly flatter your body size.

It is always prudent to be clear and understand what exactly you are sacrificing for, for how long and if it is worthwhile. Fully calculate what it will cost to achieve the goal and choose support instead of sacrifice. Even as we drive into the new month with a lot of motivation, no plan, and a little understanding of what we need to put in place to make our goals a complete success.

That is why, for this month, I urge you to let go yourself and re-live your life within your dreams and goals with no regret or resolution, just you and yourself, have fun and make the most out of it for there will never be another November 2014.

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