Friday, 18 July 2014


Life is extremely unfair, especially when there are only two kinds of people in the world; the obscenely rich and the filthy poor. Those living in big lovely masionette and the cross roads that call the cold streets home and have known nothing short of suffering. It is so funny that even with this; many of us cross road residents live a life of wants and unrealistic dreams simply because we’re too lazy and unwilling to prosper through to life. More when we are hell belt on complains and denouncing others for yielding to their selfish inequities.

With this, I know I can easily be perceived as arrogant which again  ain’t a bad thing after-all am getting accounted to all the criticism around me, precisely because whenever I set out to speak my mind, infuriating people are always the last thought crawling my mind. Actually irritating people are never anywhere close to my mind but at the same time I have absolutely no control on how readers will react and if anything I do not even want to know but I do care you know.

Truth be told, it is the same other side-street guys that would always come together as one at the time of grieve when their hearts are too fragile to take up the news of a “be-gone” loved one and are always super proud to appreciate those around them and the little they have.

Better yet, I have come to the realization of how much have developed this bad habit of annoying my readers by simply stating the truth. But don’t get me wrong, the loss of a child or a loved one comes with a great agonizing torture that I can gladly wish on no one especially parents. A realization of pain that is easily brought in at the break of dawn and the set of the sun, like a passing cloud, we put on a show on a tumbling world, a sudden thought of a loved one with a tremble inside with a heart out on call for Gods’ strength that nobody knows but us.

 Let us not forget that the biggest rule in life especially when you are out taking a shot with a riffle is to never miss the target. My big question is, why wait until you face death or an abduction of a loved to realize how fortunate you really are? I mean why are we always on a mission impossible of pretence of overwhelming work to even stop to notice, appreciate and spread the love on those we hold dear?

I therefore dare say we are a nation of competitors. We compete too much to even find the time to appreciate and share love with those around us. It is so terrible that we never see any good in others, and believe that compared with those around us; we are up on the tip of the stick. 

Bidding on a plain truth, you know not about tomorrow, so live each second appreciating and loving those around you as though it is your last with no fear of prejudice or contradiction of always holding so dear your loved ones picture when they suddenly take a bow. This is a one-time life, to make it fair off competition on richness and poverty, live it so well full of love and appreciation of others that even death wants to see you alive and fight so hard that fate accepts defeat.

Remember, this is just but a simple thought.

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